Why We Chose Homeschool.

Good Afternoon Friends! Happy Thursday! I’m heading out this morning to take the boys in for their well checks. I’m sure today will be rough , and filled with snuggles . Both boys are due for shots , I always dread well checks for that reason, it never gets easier. I almost feel like the older they get, the harder it is. Then they know what is coming.

I have been MIA the last couple weeks. The boys and I were battling the end of hay season allergies , Tyler was working late almost every night, and I had a couple extra kiddos hanging out with us for a few days. It seemed like any free time we had was spent doing chores , yard work , and sleeping 🙂

Our oldest also started 2nd grade last week. SECOND GRADE .. I swear she was just starting pre-K like five seconds ago. Next month she’ll be eight , and I can ‘t believe it. As always , I’m just over here wishing time would stand still for just a little bit .

Now to the good stuff…

Welcome to 2020 – also known as, The year everything went to sh**. I know everyone has their opinion on everything , but regardless of your stance on things , I’m sure we can all agree that the world has never felt more scary than it has this year.

In Today’s post , I’m sharing how we came to the decision to remove our kids from public school and start homeschooling.

* Just to be clear- I am sharing what works for my family , our experience and my opinion.. I am not bashing anyone in this post , and I truly believe that every family , child , home, school, etc. is different. It is never my intention to be disrespectful towards anyone. You have your beliefs and I have mine. Our differences is what makes us unique . Please keep this in mind as you read on.

I actually started to research the idea of homeschooling last school year . I shared a little bit about that here. Harper came home day after day upset. She begged us to let her stay home , she never wanted to go to school. This came as shock to us because she had always loved going to school and seeing friends and most importantly she loved learning. It ended up being a couple different issues – a teacher , issues with kid on the bus..I spoke with the school about our concerns but nothing came of it , and nothing changed.

I know some will say that homeschooling is weird and bash it. Maybe it’s because they know something I don’t or maybe it’s because they know nothing about it , other than it’s just different than what they are used to. I personally knew nothing about it really. I knew that my child was losing her interest in learning , and I knew that we needed to do something to change this.

Why we chose to homeschool

Fast forward to this school year. Remote Learning. You can read about our districts return to school plan here. We have no internet access at our house. I spent the entire summer calling every company – no one could service us . I looked into hot spots , mifi ,etc. The high price for the small amount of data was just unrealistic for our budget . The school had stated that they would provide hot spots for families without internet access , but once school began , that isn’t happening. I’m not sure of the reason.

Harper did start school last week . She has been watching videos on my phone( due to no internet access for her school issued Chromebook), of her teacher reading a book. Then she is to comment on the video . That pretty well wraps up the remote “learning” . I started supplementing work for her. Personally, I think at an elementary level – having only computer work is not ideal. I have made countless packets for her and Cole. After speaking with the school , I was told that they are not going to be doing packet work. It will all be online .

When I got off the phone with the school, I pulled out my notebook. In it , was my research on homeschooling. I sent Tyler a text saying ” I think we should pull the kids from school and give homeschooling a shot this year.” I was kind of shocked when he replied and agreed. To be honest, the only con on my list was socialization. Right now , the socialization aspect has been removed from our school. So I thought , well – if there has ever been a time to give homeschool a shot , I think now would be perfect.

Choosing to homeschool was not a decision that Tyler and I took lightly. I have done so much research on the topic , listed pros and cons, spoke with other families that currently homeschool or have in the past. I can’t even count how many articals I have read.

Then one day it was like a light bulb coming on. I realized that as their mom, I have taught them how to walk , read, feed themselves , etc. I have spent their entire lives teaching them. Another mama ( that homeschools) pointed out to me that I was making this decision harder than it needed to be. I needed to have a little faith in myself and open my eyes to see that I am already a teacher to my kids. If someone is going to be in charge of your children’s education – don’t you think their mom would be the perfect one for the job? It was in that moment I realized , ” I can do this! WE can do this.”

I know in my heart that this is what is right for us , right now. I plan on taking this one year at a time. We are focused on right now . The kids are so excited – and in the last week I have seen the excitement and joy for learning radiate from both kids. This alone, makes me feel confident in our choice to homeschool. Education is something that has always been important to me . Growing up, my family ( especially my grandpa) always said that a good education is something that no one can ever take from you. Knowledge is powerful and it’s important.

* Since Cole will be in Pre-K this year , we had already decided to keep him home and start homeschooling with him before school even started. With remote learning he would be staying home anyway – we didn’t really see the point in having to pay monthly for him to go to preschool , at home.

I hope that you will continue on this journey with us. Next week I plan to share all things Homeschool / learning at home. This includes our curriculum choices , schedule, and other helpful ideas . I’ll also have a post on how to go about homeschooling in Ohio ( in case you are interested). I have some great things planned for the kids. They asked this morning if we could share our learning things on my blog 🙂

Until next time…

Did you choose to Homeschool this year? are you a pro and have some ideas to share? Share in Comments below!

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