Party of six. Part 1

Good Morning readers! Today , I’m sharing our story of pregnancy after loss. Life for us was turned upside down ( and about every other way possible) in 2018. Within a matter of weeks , we had lost our baby , Gracelynn , then my grandpa Rudy passed away suddenly. For months , life was just a blur. We were in shock and trying to process everything that had happened. Just as our lives were sort of feeling normal again , God showed us, once again , that he had something else in mind for our family.

In July of 2018 , I was folding laundry and it hit me – I was late, one day late. Now , if you have followed Tulips of Pink , you know that I shared a post about how I was unable to be on birth control , and that Tyler ( my husband) was scheduled to get a vasectomy . We decided that we didn’t want to have anymore babies . The risk just wasn’t worth it to us . You can read more on that here.

As it turns out , Tyler ultimately chickened out on the whole vasectomy thing . Which led us here. I had a test left from the pack I had bought when I was pregnant with Gracelynn. I took the test , sat it on the bathroom counter and went back to folding my laundry . Tyler was sitting on the couch across from me , watching T.V . He didn’t even know that I had taken it.

I waited the full three minutes to check , once I saw the words pregnant , it felt like my stomach was falling to my feet. I put the test down and walked back to the living room and started folding clothes again. After about a minute or two , I just started crying. Tyler paused the T.V and asked what was wrong. I was so mad at him. I told him that I was pregnant , and started freaking out. He just sat there staring at me . I think he was just in complete shock. I called my doctor immediately, the same doctor that delivered Gracelynn. I explained the news, and asked maybe 100 questions or so. She first talked to me about my options. Now , before I get hammered with judgment , please keep in mind that this was from a medical standpoint . I was terrified that another pregnancy happening so soon would end the same way my previous pregnancy did , or worse. I knew what losing a child was like. There was a chance that could happen again . There was a chance that I could die. The thought of possibly putting my family through that , I just couldn’t do it .

We decided that our first step would be to make sure that this was a vital pregnancy . She wanted to make sure that it wasn’t an ectopic pregnancy. She set up an appointment for an ultrasound . Tyler and I decided that we weren’t going to tell anyone at this time. We didn’t have answers , we weren’t really processing it ourselves , we didn’t want the stress of everyone asking questions . To be on the safe side , my doctor did send in a prescription of Lovenox injections. ( I shared about my experience with those in this post ) Lovenox is an injectable blood thinner. It is safe to use while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. I was to start giving myself one shot a day as soon as I could. This would help prevent future blood clots .

A week later I was seen at the office. Tyler went to the appointment with me , we were so nervous. As I laid in the chair , while the ultrasound tech covered my stomach in the warm gel , I could feel the tears coming . Then all of the sudden we heard a strong heartbeat. I looked at Tyler and we both started to tear up. We were having another baby. I found out early , they determined I was about 5 weeks and 6 days along ( I had the positive test a week prior to the appointment) The tech said , ” that’s a strong baby , usually we don’t pick up a strong heartbeat this early” .

After the ultrasound , we met in an exam room with with my doctor. She reviewed the ultrasound and congratulated us . She addressed every single concern we had. I cannot praise this women enough, she is the most wonderful person. She explained that the chances of another clot and/or abruption were very low. The plan was for me to continue the lovenox injections daily , and to have a follow up in another week. I was considered a high risk pregnancy , she explained that this time was different. This time we know that I carry the factor V gene. We know what to look for , we know what to watch for . This time wasn’t going to end like last time. We could have a healthy baby.

When we left the office , we were scheduled to see a specialist in maternal- fetal medicine in the coming weeks. Tyler and I decided that we would hold off on the sharing the news with friends and family until after that appointment , just to be safe.

We had our world flipped around again . We were about to start another chapter , honestly it was a terrifying change for us . You know what they say; after every storm comes a rainbow . Ours was due on April 4, 2019 .

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