My Nightly Routine for a Peaceful Morning.

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Good Morning Friends! Hope you all are having a terrific Monday . In Today’s post I am sharing with you , My Nightly Routine for a Peaceful Morning. These are just simple things that I do every night to ensure that my mornings are peaceful and stress free.

I don’t know about you , but waking up from a good sleep is hard for me. I really, REALLY like my sleep. So naturally mornings can be a struggle for me sometimes .

Before having kids, I was a total night owl , then came Harper and she was awake usually by 5:30 am EVERY DAY! In fact all of my kids and my husband are morning people , so over the years I’ve had to teach myself to become a morning person . How did I teach myself to be a morning person? Believe it or not , I just created a simple nightly routine to help make my morning easier. I would say my favorite time of day is when I wake up early ( before sunrise) and my kids are still sleeping. Now , I hate getting out of bed -regardless of what I do , that part always stinks BUT once I am up and awake , it’s the best part of my day. I can sit in my quiet kitchen, drink some coffee or tea and prepare for the day.

Why Routines Are So Important

When I was little , my mom struggled daily with me not wanting to wake up for school or anything really. Like I said , I’ve always loved to sleep. I’m a Taurus , we’re known to be bull headed and love sleep. My mom always had a routine for my sister and I every night before bed. This helped our mornings run smoother , and get everyone out the door on time. I now practice these routines with my family .

As a mom , especially a mom with multiple children , having a routine is a MUST in my book. If I didn’t have a routine for my family , our lives would be even more chaotic , which would mean more stress on me. Having simple routines in place for your entire family is a life savor . I’m a firm believer in schedules , planning, organizing ..all that good stuff. It makes my life easier and my kids function better when they know the drill and what is expected of them daily.

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How do I Implement A Routine?

Before you can have a routine – obviously you first need to create one! This is super simple to do . Basically we’re going to create a ” must do ” list . These are things that you have to do every day . This could be a morning , afternoon , or nightly routine.

For me , I make a “to do” list every night. These are things I have to get done the following day . If I need to make an appointment , finish a certain task , send something in the mail , etc. I put my ” Must Do ” items first , then follow with my every day items like laundry , dinner prep , mopping …you get the point. Basically you just want to make a list of things you know that you NEED to get done the following the day. Sometimes you may not finish a task or you may not feel like finishing the laundry – life happens and there is no need to get discouraged , you can just add it to your list for the next day!

Creating a routine is easy , just make a list and get yourself in the habit of checking things off that list daily , weekly or monthly – whatever fits your lifestyle best.

I have a daily routine , a nightly routine and even a Sunday routine ( type A once again, ha! ) I like to make lists , and keep track of things that we do around our home ( i.e washing curtains , shampooing carpets , cleaning furniture , power washing , etc) It helps me be more productive and gives me an excuse to use my super cute “> pretty pens and don’t even get me started on “>note pads ! I love all things office supplies – seriously, I’m like a kid in a candy store when I hit up those aisles at Walmart or Marshall’s .

My Nightly Routine , for a peaceful morning.

1.Clean up after dinner

Every evening , I make dinner while the kids play and usually Tyler is relaxing or finishing up his honey do list. After dinner is done ,I pack Tyler’s lunch for the next day . Then I start on cleaning up. I do the dishes , wipe down my counters and the table. I always sweep the floors , clean my sink and take the trash out . The kitchen is most definitely the heart of our home. I’m always cooking something and the kids spend a lot of time at our table doing crafts , eating snacks and doing homework. Since we spend so much time in there, I hate going to sleep knowing that I have a mess waiting for me when I get up in the morning. So cleaning up at the end of the day is a MUST.

After I get the kitchen cleaned up, I gather my dirty towels any cleaning rags that I’ve used during the day and put them in the washer. I set out Tyler’s lunch box on the counter and write his note for the morning.

Since we’ve been together , I think we have written each other thousands of notes. Nothing major , just a good morning note with a sweet something added in . There have been a few times that I forgot to write him one and he was a little upset. He always writes me a note too when he leaves in the morning . I actually have little box that I keep them in , on my nightstand. It’s an easy way to make each other smile , and keep the spark alive ( when you have a few kids , that can be tricky sometimes) . Try it for a week , you’d be surprised at how much a love a note can brighten your day and your marriage.

2. set out clothes for the next day and anything else we might need. ( hats , scarves , back packs , etc)

Moving on- Once I’m finished in the kitchen , I set out the kids pjs for the night and their clothes for the next day. I set out Tyler’s clothes for the next day too. My mom always had us pick out our clothes and set them out before bed when I was growing up . This helps your morning run smooth and prevents the “I can’t find …” that us moms just love to hear ( insert sarcasm).

3. Bath Time for the Kids.

After I get everyone’s stuff set out for the next day , the kids have finished picking up their toys or crafts from the day . Now it’s bath time! This is probably their favorite time of the day. Sometimes Harper prefers to shower , but the boys always love their bath. And I love that my bathroom floor basically gets mopped every night, thanks to their splashing 🙂 . While they play in the tub , I gather everyone’s dirty clothes . Tyler usually showers once he gets home from work , especially in the summer – he’s usually covered in sweat and dirt and whatever it was that he was doing that day. He also never takes his clothes to the hamper- he neatly piles them in our bathroom on the floor. So I always make sure to grab them while I’m getting the kids stuff.

4. Get a load of laundry ready for the morning.

I’ve never understood the term ” laundry day” , every day is laundry day at our house. Between the three kids , and a husband who works in construction – I would have a mountain of laundry waiting for me if I didn’t do it every day. I ALWAYS make sure the laundry is done is by dinner time. That way , after dinner and baths I can load the washer and it can be waiting on me when I get up in the morning. I like to start fresh every day with an empty dryer and empty laundry basket. So every night I gather our clothes and towels and whatever else needs washed , then I start the washer as soon as I get up the next morning.

5. Quick pick up / tidy the house

Before I settle in for the night , I do a walk through around the house and pick up any items that the kids left out . I make sure shoes are put away , toys are picked up , the sink is empty and my house is tidy .

6. (Cold Months only )Prep the coffee pot

In the colder months I always make sure my coffee is ready for me to hit start in the morning. I don’t drink hot coffee in the warm months unless I’m sick – I’ll drink hot tea. Something about being hot outside, I just can’t drink hot beverages . Weird? maybe.

My grandpa always had coffee , year round . He would carry a thermos of coffee with him when he was bailing hay! I don’t know how he did it. He even drank his beer warm . GROSS. My cousin actually called it the ” Brozak Special” a warm natty light was always waiting for you in papaws garage. Funny fact- when Tyler and I first started dating , I brought him to meet papaw for the first time. On our way over I told him , ” he’s probably going to offer you a warm natty light, you have to drink it – if you want him to like you” And you know what? he drank every bit of it , with a smile. Maybe that’s when I knew he was “the one” 😉

7. Make my To Do list for tomorrow.

Once I sit down for the evening , it’s usually around 8:00 pm. I always make my to do list for tomorrow. This can include things I need to remember to do ( schedule an appointment or make a phone call) , certain tasks I want to complete . Like right now, I’m planning out and making homeschooling packets and activities for Cole. Need some ideas on schooling at home? Check out my post Top 10 must haves for school at home for some great budget friendly ideas .

I also write down any special cleaning I would like to get done, like washing curtains , de-cluttering , organizing – mainly things that aren’t a part of my daily cleaning schedule. Usually these tend to be my weekly tasks – I like to set myself up for success , not failure. Let’s be real , there is no way you can get everything done in one day , set realistic goals , don’t overwhelm yourself. Remember there is always tomorrow!

There you have it!

My easy nightly routine for a peaceful morning. I know it may seem time consuming , but it only takes me about an hour to complete. This is what works for me and my family. Everyone is in the habit of doing what is expected of them. The kids are great helpers , and even little Rudy is catching on quick. It’s so cute to watch him follow Harper and Cole around and pick things up with them. His favorite task is pushing the button the dryer though , he always gets a kick out of that.

I hope this helps you create a night time routine for you and your family . Or maybe to add a few things into your existing routine. What do you do every night to help your morning run smoother? Leave some of your ideas in the comments below – I’m always interested in learning new ways to make life easier!

Until Next Time

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