Party of six. Part 1

Good Morning readers! Today , I’m sharing our story of pregnancy after loss. Life for us was turned upside down ( and about every other way possible) in 2018. Within a matter of weeks , we had lost our baby , Gracelynn , then my grandpa Rudy passed away suddenly. For months , life was just a blur. We were in shock and trying to process everything that had happened. Just as our lives were sort of feeling normal again[Read more]


Lost in grief.  Good morning readers ! The past few months have been rough to say the least . My positive outlook , joy and strength were replaced with anger , depression and feeling lost in the waves of grief . I basically shut down . My husband has hounded me so many times to write again , but I felt as though I had nothing to share . I was mad at everyone – pushed people away and felt[Read more]

5 ways to manage Anxiety

Good morning readers ! Hope you all have a great Thursday . So today I decided to share with you 5 things to help manage anxiety. These are things that really help me . Did I mention that they are all FREE?!  I’ll be honest,  parenting two small children while grieving for another child is hard . It’s unknown territory for me and I struggle daily . I made this list to hopefully give you some ideas , and maybe[Read more]


      Due.      Today is June 7th . Today is my due date . I’ve been dreading this day . The past couple weeks have been hard , I know today will be even harder . This world just isn’t fair. I will never understand why things happen the way they do. I’ve been told several times that once my due date came , another wave of grief would come with it . I’ve cried myself to[Read more]

The After.

  The After.     Good Monday morning readers! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend . We spent time with friends and hung out in the pool. It was so relaxing ! We finally have our pool up and running . This is the first time I’ve ever had a pool. Ours isn’t deep .. I mean both kids can touch , but I can relax on my float and get some sun. So it’s perfect for me![Read more]