Welcome to Keeper of Wild Ones. A blog focused on family , motherhood and old fashioned skills. From homeschooling to homemaking ( and all things in between) , I share my tips and tricks for living a simple life. I’m a wife and a mom to four amazing humans , who inspire me every day . Keeper of Wild Ones is a space that I created to share my family’s life with all of you.!

In 2018, we lost our daughter, Gracelynn. I’ve since created Tulips of Pink to share our story of infant loss and to raise awareness . Tulips of Pink was my first blog that I created. Since 2018 our lives have changed drastically.  . I quit my job in healthcare , became a SAHM , added to our crew (you can read about that here) and we decided to live a simpler life .

I truly love embracing the homemaker and SAHM lifestyle. Growing up , my grandma taught me many things about keeping a home, cooking and raising babies. I admired her and I knew that I wanted to carry on those traditions and values once I had a family of my own. Luckily I married someone who had the same upbringing , so it was important to us both.

I take pride in caring for our home . Knowing at the end of the day that you have created a safe , warm and cozy home for your family is very satisfying. Made from scratch meals are one of my favorite tasks- I love to cook , especially for the people that I love.

Honestly, Losing a child has taught our family so much .I believe that with every heartbreak or loss , God gives us something good in return . I think we are proof of that.  Now , we are learning to live in a way that is focused on our family and the old fashioned values that seem to be lost in today’s world. From traditional homemaking and homeschooling our kids to growing our own food and preserving . 

I created Keeper of Wild Ones to help others find Joy in the simple things. I hope you enjoy!


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